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Geeksugar Asks “What Would Dwight Schrute Do?”

In March of 2009, Geeksugar featured SoulPancake as site of the day for its ability to ‘get deep in an accessible way’.

The article details many of the core principles of SoulPancake describing it as being:

“Named in an appropriately silly but complex way, Soul Pancake is a collaborative website that gets deep, like posing questions about why do we dream about what we do, and whether we should fear death.”

While SoulPancake does aim to tap into a more consciously meaningful discussion, Geeksugar goes on to add that it:

“Sounds pretty heavy, right? Don’t fear. It’s presented in a totally accessible way, using recent viral videos to illustrate points… My still unanswered question: What would Dwight Schrute do?”