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Tonic: SoulPancake Is Like a “Cherry Bomb In Your Mouth”’s Annie Scott shines some light on why SoulPancake is so tasty.

“ is a cherry bomb in your mouth. Wanna break up the workday with a little mind-blowing intercubicle philosophy? As my good deed for the day, I thought I’d share my obsession with, where they ask the big questions,” Annie Scotts writes over at

If listening to Rainn Wilson talk about spirituality and creativity while smashing a guitar doesn’t make you want to think about life’s big questions, then you are probably boring, and you should consider visiting this website a necessary remedial action.

So check it out already. They’ve got super cool Stuff to Do. Way cooler than reading about shoes you can’t afford, or whatever else you were doing (that’s what I was doing).

Image Credit: Kyla Nicole on flickr