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Hyperion Announces SoulPancake Book Deal

A major push for SoulPancake as a book deal was announced with Hyperion Publishers out of New York City. The release is titled “Editors of Hit Website to Collaborate on a Book Exploring Life’s Big Questions.”

Hyperion’s press release can be found below:


New York, August 25, 2009 – Hyperion announces plans to publish SOUL PANCAKE by actor Rainn Wilson and the editors of – Devon Gundry, Golriz Lucina and Shabnam Mogharabi.

The brainchild of Wilson, known best for his Emmy-nominated portrayal of the deft Dwight Schrute on NBC’s “The Office,” SOUL PANCAKE is a “big think” book that attempts to “de-lamify” issues of philosophy, creativity and spirituality. SOUL PANCAKE will encourage readers to explore life’s big questions, such as why do we dream, what happens after we die, and what work of art has most influenced your life. An invitation for readers to “Chew on Life’s Big Questions,” the book will cover topics related to life and death, science and religion, love and sex, the arts, conflict and war, family and society, and more.

Since January 2009, has created a rabid, ever-expanding fan base with more than 3 million hits. The book will offer a personal, interactive experience that is irreverent and serious, timeless and timely—not to mention hip, exciting and just plain fun. SOUL PANCAKE will feature commissioned artwork, original photos and illustrations.

Of the deal, Wilson says: “Helping create this book is a dream come true. It will give the SoulPancake team a chance to really dig deep into Life’s Big Questions and give the reader a fun, experiential way to interact with the world of thought, feeling, art and the soul. Wait, what’s a ‘book’ again?”

Hyperion’s Executive Editor Brenda Copeland negotiated the deal with Erin Malone of William Morris Endeavor. Hyperion retains North American, audio and first serial rights and will publish Fall 2010.

Hyperion, which was founded in 1991, publishes general-interest fiction and non-fiction hardcover, trade and mass-market paperback books for adults and includes the VOICE, Miramax, ABC Daytime Press, and Hyperion eBooks and Audio imprints. Hyperion is the adult trade book publishing unit of the Disney/ABC Television Group. For further information, please visit

This is incredibly exciting for our entire team, and especially Devon, Golriz and Shabnam! While we spend our days on the product end of things, these folks are in there churning away at hand-crafted content. Every post, challenge, list creation, feature and original article at some point passes through Dev, Gol, or Shabs’ hands. We’re continuously impressed and often times humbled that we’ve got such great people on our team.