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KTHV Tells Its Readers Why SoulPancake is Special

KTHV’s Jessica Duff in Little Rock, AR writes a bit about why she thinks SoulPancake is a great place to Chew on Life’s Bigger Questions.

A bit from the piece:

The purpose of Soul Pancake is to make the discussions about spirituality, creativity, and philosophy fun and interesting. The site tries to engage you to “chew on life’s big questions.”

Soul Pancake has some great content — including interviews, blogs, challenges, contests, features, and much more! But the site relies on you, the soul pancake community, to bring this site to life.

The “Life’s Big Questions” focus on some of those big topics that everyone wonders about, but no one really talks about. Soul Pancake leaves it up to you to try and answer them. You can also check out what others have already said about these topics.

The “Challenges” are a great way to really communicate your creative spirit. From the silly to the profound, these artistic challenges are a new way to express who you are and what you’re made of all in one place.

The “Question Collective” section is the ultimate chopping block for your life’s big questions. Upload an image that represents any question that burns inside you. Then you can write a little description or story behind your question.