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The CoCo Movement Continues to Gain Steam

We previously explained how our own Mike Mitchell lit a fire under the internet’s ass with this Conan O’Brien piece. Not only has this piece paved the way for a movement behind one of late night television’s biggest stars, it has catapulted Mike into the spotlight and shined a light on his artwork.

The I’m with CoCo movement is much more than a 24 hour internet sweep. It’s been well over 48 hours at this point and the buzz is still going strong. The facebook page has around 150,000 visitors, and since we opened up the I’m with CoCo store, it has been tracking lots of orders. The shop is selling 18×24″ prints of the piece, as well as t-shirts like the one shown below. $1 from each item sold goes to


The original I’m With CoCo t-shirt by Mike Mitchell.

One of the obvious downsides to such instant visibility are the inevitable copycats that spring up. Sometimes they’ll just be personal bloggers who ripoff your articles or images, don’t link back to you, and call it a day. But other times it’s downright horrible companies like who completely ripoff an idea, sell it for profit, and hide behind legal shills (corporate bank accounts) to play it safe.


The horrible ripoff by

As well as tracking at the places we listed here, the movement has been gaining momentum all over the internet hitting nearly every major publication and even landing Mike 3 radio interviews.

New York Times x3
The Village Voice
Fox News
Entertainment Weekly
Laughing Squid
The Huffington Post
Radio Interview

You should follow Sir Mitchell on twitter here. You never know when he’ll drop the next internet sensation.