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Conan Announces Tour Dates With A Beautiful Poster

Powered by the I’m with CoCo movement, a gorgeous tour poster, and a legion of devoted fans, Conan has decided to hit the road with a 30-city comedy tour.

The tour kicks off on the west coast, in our home state of Oregon :) before making its way all along the country, out east and eventually closing in Atlanta, Georgia. Our very own Mike Mitchell did the gorgeous tour artwork, and Conan’s entire team has clearly shifted their focus. It’s a winning combination.


Concert and tour artwork is a very intricate part of any act’s experience. Highly established and world famous artists contribute their own art for bands to visually depict their tours, music and general branding. Dedicated fans like me then collect this art, (a quick Google Image search for ‘Concert Posters‘ has some cool stuff).

Mike’s slightly reworked poster is the initiative behind Conan’s tour. It’s a gorgeous piece of art, hand-crafted by one of the best digital artists you’ve ever heard of. The piece that launched an overnight movement uniting millions of Conan supporters, is now branding the entire 30-city tour, and playing a major role in its overall perception.

The direct value that an original grassroots movement like “I’m With CoCo” has brought to Conan has been priceless. For the sake of argument, Jerry Seinfeld could spend every dollar he’s ever made to market himself, and could never get what Conan got from “I’m with Coco.” Even well after the internet sensation phase has passed, we are seeing huge publicity and general warm response across the board when Conan does something in the public eye.

Most of that can be attributed to Conan generally being awesome, but without Mike’s poster spearheading it all, the millions of fans would not have united, and the public’s perception of Conan would be completely different at this point.


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The entire tour schedule can be found at the TeamCoCo site. You can follow Conan and Mike on twitter. And of course, the obligatory “you should follow us too” link.