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Gigabit IPA, A Very Special Brew for Google

In February, Google announced that it would deploy an experimental Gigabit internet network to a “small number of trial locations across the United States.” The fiber optic network will deliver speeds more than 100 times faster than what Americans have access to today. We want this in Portland.

There’s already been plenty of coverage surrounding Portland’s desire to nab a spot on Google’s experimental ultra-crazy-fast internet testing list. Within no time at all, Portland’s passionate tech community rallied around a cause, grassroots initiatives were set in place, and a wonderful brewery chipped in to help enforce the movement. Rather than rename our city for a day, Portland has embraced the culture and brewed a custom beer for everyone to enjoy. It’s called Hopworks Gigabit IPA.

A few days ago, Mayor Sam Adams sent some Hopworks Gigabit IPA to the Google Fiber Team in Louisiana, as tweeted by Portland’s Economic Development Policy Advisor Skip Newberry. I’ve met with Skip Newberry and I can personally tell you how passionate he is about the city and its converging technology scene. With people like this fighting for open standards, clear and concise technology guidelines and a transparent government process, Portland’s future is in good hands. When these same folks can come down to the ground floor of a city’s culture and get involved with a local brewery, it shows something that other towns lack… class.

The move shows not only how passionate our city is with its technology scene, but how richly engrained our cultural development has become with embracing technology.

Mayor Sam Adams sending the Google Fiber team some Hopworks Gigabit IPA

While a custom beer may seem like a novelty gesture upon first glance, try telling that to Christian Ettinger, brewmaster and owner of Hopworks. His Organic IPA won gold at the World Beer Cup and he spent years designing and building the world’s first carbon-neutral-brewery right here in Portland. Hopworks has a 20 barrel brewery that produces over 4,500 barrels each year. Ettinger has been brewing beer for 15 years.

“This fresh & edgy IPA honors Portland’s new gigabit network project to pioneer a connected future with Google fiber-to-the-home. Embrace the bandwidth with a massive NW hop aroma, with rich citrus and pine accents aggressively balanced with clear malt caramel flavor, and a deep, clean, satisfying finish. From Hopworks, the world’s first carbon-neutral artisanal brewery.”

Rather than rename the town for a day, Portland is working a cultural piece of Google into its history. Just like New York and Chicago take their pizza, California has its wine, in Portland, we take our beer seriously. This isn’t a small gesture by any stretch of the imagination. Our community has come together in a way that Google should appreciate.

The first pour of Hopworks Gigabit IPA

This isn’t a one off publicity stunt either. Ettinger plans to make “Gigabit IPA, his newest, available on tap, in kegs and in 22 ounce bottles in Portland.” How’s that for a commitment.

Think Brilliant is headquartered here in Portland. We are dedicated to sustainable energy and like many of our peers, we represent a rich and diverse technology scene that would be absolutely perfect for Google. In terms of culture, we’re much closer to Mountain View than we are to Redmond.

To find out more visit PortlandHeartsGoogle. Kerry Finsand over at Taplister has the background story on how this special brew came to fruition.