Press Release: Rainn Wilson Issues Public Statement to Think Brilliant

Rainn Wilson, best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on the hit television sitcom The Office, has sent Portland-based technology company Think Brilliant a letter after reaching a settlement in their legal dispute.

Portland, OR — Pursuant to the settlement of Think Brilliant’s litigation against Rainn Wilson and his company SoulPancake, LLC, the Portland-based technology company received a public statement from Mr. Wilson, which reads as follows:

SoulPancake, LLC wishes to express its appreciation for the work and services performed by Think Brilliant Media Studios, LLC from May 2008 through June 2010. We further wish to express our appreciation to the Think Brilliant team, Aviv Hadar, Dave Fields, Darren Buckner, Sam Weston and Tom Fite for their work developing

At the end of our business relationship a dispute arose. Unfortunately, that dispute resulted in a lawsuit. Both parties acknowledge that there were many misunderstandings and release each other from all blame in the matter. -Rainn Wilson, co-founder of SoulPancake.

The litigation which took place in Oregon’s District Court is now resolved (Case No. 3:10-CV-00796-PK — Think Brilliant Media Studios, LLC v. SoulPancake, LLC). Think Brilliant is pleased that the case has been settled. Think Brilliant plans to begin releasing new products in the first half of 2012, starting with an innovative software product aimed at the restaurant industry.

About Think Brilliant: Founded in 2007, Think Brilliant specializes in turning ideas and concepts into real-world products and success. With their unique industry relationships and innovative technology they have played an important role in a number of globally recognized brands and movements.

Keri Hendricks
Think Brilliant Media Studios, LLC.
info (at) thinkbrilliant (dot) com

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