Statement by Rainn Wilson Pursuant to Litigation Resolution

Pursuant to the settlement of our litigation against Rainn Wilson and his company SoulPancake, LLC, Think Brilliant has received an official letter from Rainn Wilson in regards to the resolution of the lawsuit.

The official document below is free to use, reproduce, rebroadcast and redistribute in any way. The letter is transcribed below.

Dec 23, 2011

SoulPancake, LLC wishes to express its appreciation for the work and services performed by Think Brilliant Media Studios, LLC from May 2008 through June 2010. We further wish to express our appreciation to the Think Brilliant team, Aviv Hadar, Dave Fields, Darren Buckner, Sam Weston and Tom Fite for their work developing

At the end of our business relationship a dispute arose. Unfortunately, that dispute resulted in a lawsuit. Both parties acknowledge that there were many misunderstandings and release each other from all blame in the matter.

Rainn Wilson, co-founder of SoulPancake

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