Mike Goes Viral With CoCo!

A classic example of having a good pulse on the internet, applying talents and nailing an instant classic. Sir Mike of Mitchell goes viral with a beautifully done Conan O’Brien piece.

Mike has always been able to sit down and crank out a jaw-dropping piece of artwork. This latest sensation is no exception. No hype, no bullshit… He just drew it and dropped it on the internet. And boy did the internet respond.


The piece is currently tracking at the following places:

Digg Popular: http://digg.com/television/I_m_With_Coco_4
Digg Popular: http://digg.com/television/I_m_with_Coco_poster
Reddit Popular: http://www.reddit.com/comments/aotsa/show_your_support_im_with_coco/

The piece has even gained national exposure around major media outlets such as The New York Times and The Consumerist.

“Support for Mr. O’Brien seemed to spread virally, through gestures like the reblogging of this image by the artist Mike Mitchell. The image shows Mr. Conan standing triumphantly, orange hair aglow, with the caption “I’m with CoCo,” one of Mr. O’Brien’s nicknames,” Brain Stetler writes for The New York Times.

and The Consumerist adds,

“Our inbox has spoken: due to popular reader demand, it’s time to harness the power of the EECB, the executive email carpet bomb, for its most important mission ever: saving the Conan O’ Brien show.”

Rounding it out, Rainn tweeted about the piece earlier in the day, and the SoulPancake feed has been buzzing for over 10 hours. This has turned into hard conversions for the site. You should follow Sir Mitchell on twitter here. You never know when he’ll drop the next internet sensation.

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