for love of the work

We are technology driven thinkers and builders. Founders and engineers.
Our focus is intense. Our risk taking bold.

  • Think Brilliant was founded in August of 2007. We started out providing design and development services, though quickly grew and began developing our own in-house products. Often people come to us with ideas and concepts. And often, we help turn those ideas into real-world products.

    Through our unique partnerships and established relationships with industry heavyweights, we make the impossible happen. Time after time our involvement has led to global success.

  • When the artist behind a global movement needed a store to sell his merchandise, he came to us. When a famous television star needed technology and guidance for his startup, he came to us. When a local product designer needed help launching his latest invention, he came to us.

    We innovate. We take risks. We succeed. If you’d like to talk, email info (at)